City World of Ison

Session 1: Introduction to Ison

The group met at Hoya’s house to plan the retrieval of Sansa’s family. Nevin revealed the Horn of Fog was at Taxolo Vach‘s house. A plan was hatched to get it back and save Sansa’s kidnapped family.

Hoya and Nevin broke in while Grit Punchtree and Skimble made a commotion in the front of the house. Skimble and Grit were brought inside just as Hoya and Nevin slipped out the window. Skimble earned two badges: Misdirectoin and Pain Management 1.

Horn safely in their possession and three days left until the hostage exchange, the party decided to investigate the kidnapping. There had been rumours of items with Sansa’s family crest for sale in the market, which the group investigated.

Nevin learned about a street urchin named Laramie who worked behind the Mudflat Door station, transporting trash into the sewers, who had recently found the glove with Sansa’s family crest.

Grit found a shop selling items with Nobles’ crests. After some despairing about how buying a single glove would make him have to pretend he has only one arm, he relented and bought the glove – which belonged to Sansa’s sister.

Glove located, the party decided to find Laramie. He was a small kid, and dedicated to his work. Once he had finished his responsibilities at the Door station, he led the party into the sewers and drew them a map:

The party went toward the sad faces, and found danger! They were attacked by shadow creatures with sharp daggers in a dingy chamber, and Grit was dishonourably skewered in the jail room where the kidnapping victims were held. They fought bravely in the sewers, and the kidnapped people were freed!

On one of the bodies, Hoya found a note. The party retreated to Hoya’s house to recuperate, and gifts began to arrive from the noble houses whose family members the party rescued.

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